Equity Investment

The Enterprise Center has been investing equity in our partner businesses since 2016.

What is equity investment?

Equity investment is money invested in a business in exchange for shares – if you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you’ve seen equity investment in action. As a form of patient capital, equity investment does not require immediate repayment by prioritizing long-term returns over quick profits, patient capital gives businesses room to grow without a heavy debt burden.

Why pursue equity investment?

Research has shown that access to patient growth capital is the most powerful factor in business success. Equity can provide the capital you need to:  

  • Expand your marketing 

  • Innovate new products  

  • Increase hiring 

  • Upgrade equipment and office space 

  • Take on larger contracts 

Equity investment from The Enterprise Center: The Enterprise Center has been investing equity in our partner businesses since 2016. Is your business earning revenue of $1M or more? Are you ready to grow and committed to creating local jobs? You may be eligible for an equity partnership. 

For more information on The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation's investments in a local minority and women-owned businesses, please fill out our inquiry form or contact Nicholas O'Donnell at nodonnell@theenterprisecenter.com or 215-895-4023. 

Equity from Outside Investors: The Enterprise Center is a sponsor of The Innovate Capital Growth Fund, an equity investment fund established to provide $50 million in growth capital to minority and women-owned businesses in Greater Philadelphia. 


Equity Prep

If you are a minority-owned business interested in equity but not yet ready to seek investment, the MBE Equity Multiplier may be for you.