Creative Business Toolkit

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As an artist, it's very likely that your passion to create inspired you to launch your business.

Of course, operating a creative business brings with it different challenges than art for art's sake: licenses, taxes, fees, and business planning that has to factor in revenue generation in addition to your baseline goal of delighting and inspiring your audience and customers.

Here at The Enterprise Center, creativity and innovation are core values at the heart of everything we do, but so are sound business operations practices that position every entrepreneur and small business owner to grow and flourish. Not only can you create art, but you can create wealth and jobs: the Arts sector generates over $27 billion in economic impact in the state of Pennsylvania.

We are excited to provide this Entrepreneurial Toolkit to Pennsylvania's Arts businesses, thanks to generous funding from the PA Council on the Arts.

In this toolkit - designed with creative businesses in mind - you will find resources related to the business topics where our community of arts entrepreneurs most often request guidance:

  • Starting your business
  • Financing your business
  • Growing your business
  • Marketing your business
  • Business accounting
  • And legal considerations for your business

Ready to grow your slice of the $27 billion? Then click below to download our Creative Entrepreneur Toolkit to get started! 

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