Connecting Center for Culinary Enterprises with Opportunities with Aramark/Drexel University

Dillonades in the refrigerator case

2023 has started out strong! The Center for Culinary Enterprises (CCE) partnered with Aramark/Drexel University to hold a "product showcase" tasting event for CCE members, with vendors receiving the opportunity to strike a weekly contract deal with this major food service company. Weekly contracts like the ones on offer from Aramark/Drexel provide our burgeoning food producers with reliable, consistent income, which helps them to grow and scale their businesses.  Five vendors were selected to sell their packaged consumer goods to Aramark Drexel University’s retail location, The Market: Northside Dining Terrace at 203 N 34th street in West Philadelphia:


Juice Box 215

470 Baking Company

ShoSho’s Kitchen

Dimi Foods

With over 25 clients (and counting), CCE has an expansive list of talented restaurateurs, agriculturalists, and food service providers that have increased their businesses’ capacity.

Clients such as Tracee McBeth of Juice Box 215, who has had a membership since 2017, have seen the CCE undergo many changes and are happy to be a part of it.

The CCE has been a helpful place to get questions answered when dealing with the city, how to create recipes, so we can be more consistent, create a budget, and best of all having other ‘foodprenueurs’ to meet and gain ideas and support in their endeavors," says Tracee.

Mary James Wylesol of ShoSho’s Kitchen Granola agrees with how effective CCE’s network can be; through a chance conversation with another CCE client, Mary learned about The Enterprise Center and was given the confidence to sell her granola treats. Since joining, Mary has found her products in dozens of cafes, spas, and hotels all over the region.

TEC’S Director Of Business Operations , Val Cadet, has served as the backbone of the CCE, making these talks possible. For Tracee, working with the CCE, and Val specifically, has been an “invaluable experience”.

[It] feels like [having] an older sibling, who is [not only] watching out for me but allowing me to be myself.

 Our CCE staff works persistently to support minority owned food businesses - by providing space, equipment and other resources, businesses can get the support the need to reach their potential.