Know Your Numbers!: Business Taxes with Anita T. Conner

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It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year – tax season!

We understand just how anxiety-inducing filing your taxes can be, particularly as a small business owner. That is why we sat down with a professional accountant to talk through what you will need to do (and not do) to ensure that tax season this year goes over smoothly for yourself and for your company.

Esteemed CPA and financial advisor Anita T. Conner, owner of Anita T. Conner Financial Group, has received accolades from several noted institutions. She was named “Top Wealth Manager” in Philadelphia by Philadelphia Magazine, and the US Commerce Association listed her business as the “Best Tax Service” in Philadelphia.

Anita’s accounting firm, which she started in her attic, has flourished into a successful family-run business in Jenkintown PA.

In this info-session Anita, along with The Enterprise Center’s Senior Executive Vice President Iola Harper, discuss numerous vital topics and address several challenges that business owners should understand about filing their taxes properly, and avoiding an audit.