Banner Design Contest

“Shop 52nd Street Banner,” an award winning design chosen by the Hope USA Initiative
52nd Street Banner Design Contest Winner Hagopian Arts

In the fall of 2020, The Enterprise Center held a street pole banner design contest. Local artists were invited to submit concepts to bring new branding vibrancy to 52nd Street and celebrate the area’s culture. See below for more information on the winning design and artist. Installation is planned for 2021.

Picking one winner was tough. The Enterprise Center remains committed to exploring ways to work with local artists and arts organizations as part of 52nd Street revitalization efforts, and has already engaged several other submitting artists in conversations about other opportunities. Stay tuned for more exciting projects!

The winning artist is Kala Hagopian of Hagopian Arts. Learn more about Kala and her work on her website, on Facebook, and on Instagram. Read below for her inspiration behind the banner design.

“Through bright, ornate patterns, my ‘Shop 52nd Street’ design speaks to the many cultures and rich diversity that comprise our community. To create this banner, I researched the ornamental designs and textile patterns that originate from several of the deeply rooted cultures around 52nd street. I had the privilege of marrying into a family that has lived in this neighborhood for generations. This design is a nod to my son’s mixed heritage and ancestors: a family of color who grew up and raised children in West Philadelphia and owned businesses along 52nd street for many years. I take pride in our deep connection to West Philly."