Metro Philadelphia Black Power Players 2024

In honor of Black History Month Metro Philadelphia is proud to present the 2024 Black Power Players list. The list highlights community leaders, innovators, and politicians from different industries and organizations across Philadelphia. Discussing everything from resolutions, to advice they wish to give their younger-selves, to book and movie recommendations for Black History Month, the following honorees each uniquely contribute to the ever-growing tapestry of Philadelphia. While we honor these individuals in line with Black History Month, the impactful work of these Black leaders and many others across the city and commonwealth deserve recognition year round.


Della Clark

President and CEO, The Enterprise Center

For over 30 years, Della Clark has been a tireless advocate for minority businesses as president of The Enterprise Center. Under Clark’s leadership, businesses have obtained more than $631 million in contracts and $131 million in intermediary financing, as well as more than $15 million in loans through The Enterprise Center Capital Corporation. Recently, she launched Innovate Capital Growth Fund, a $50 million SBIC aimed at changing the paradigm of equity investing for minority businesses.

If you could give your younger-self advice, what would it be?
The biggest thing I have learned in my time working for the benefit of minority business owners is that you cannot train away poverty. For many years, I believed that we could create enough programs and train enough people to make our community thrive. What I learned is that successful entrepreneurs don’t need programs to help them grow, they need capital. We need to change our beliefs and dismantle roadblocks to investing in minority entrepreneurs.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2023, and most looking forward to achieving in 2024?
This past year I was both honored and humbled to have an opportunity to help steer the economic direction of the incoming Parker administration towards minority businesses. I’m particularly invested in creating a larger strategy around economic development to impact every neighborhood in Philadelphia. For 2024, we are most excited to complete our $50 million raise for Innovate Capital Growth Fund and make the fund’s first investments, helping to truly bring successful minority-owned businesses to scale.

Do you have any movie/music/book recommendations for readers to check out in celebration of Black History Month?
Two books: “The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap” by Mehrsa Baradaran and “Start Here: Your Guide To Building Your Money Management System”

Is there a person or organization doing particularly inspiring work that you would like to spotlight?
I have known Maria Frizelle Roberts for over 30 years and I have been one of her biggest champions. As an African American female, Maria is a trailblazer who maneuvered her business through capital constraints while experiencing racial inequities in contract selections. Maria is a model for African American women and more generally, all women. Maria demonstrates that while the path to success can be difficult, commitment and persistence are the keys to overcoming challenges.