The Jefferson Educational Society's Global Summit XV

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Erin Phillips

Worldwide issues take stage locally during the upcoming Jefferson Educational Society's (JES) Global Summit, the 15th of its kind. This year, the slate of speakers is dense — 18 individual speakers within 14 total events spread over only three weeks time, and those organizing the event are more excited than ever to bring these global issues to our local population.

While the quality and caliber of the speakers remains consistent with past schedules, Ben Speggen, vice president of the JES, is looking forward to a new local partnership that will change the landscape of the Summit, "This year we are partnering with Gannon University for the institution's 'Gannon Reads' event and including it in the Summit lineup. This inclusion strengthens an already strong partnership between the college and the think tank, and continues to help promote the intergenerational learning opportunity the Summit has become known for — as it brings students, seniors, and learners of all ages into one room to learn shoulder to shoulder."

Speggen continues, "The benefit of the Summit is that we strive to offer a well-rounded lineup of speakers covering a wide range of topics. Our goal is not just to have 'something for everyone' but to excite everyone about something." This year's subject matter spectrum promises to do just that — covering everything from U.S. foreign policy, climate change, artificial intelligence (AI), racial and economic equity, and ancient history, while featuring guest speakers from fields ranging from politics to public health specialists. There truly is an event within the Summit that will energize the intellect of any attendee.


Wednesday, Nov. 1

Promoting Racial and Economic Equity: Ways to Lead Community Relations

Della Clark, president of the nonprofit organization the Enterprise Center in Philadelphia, will present on the topic of racial and economic equity as experienced through her leadership in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Enterprise Center is an organization at the forefront of Philadelphia's entrepreneurial ecosystem, and their mission is to cultivate and invest in minority entrepreneurs to inspire economic growth in communities.

The center's goal, which Clark helps them achieve through her work within the organization, is revitalization, but done in a way which honors the diversity of the communities and aims to connect small businesses and neighborhoods with opportunities for growth and success, "We invest in people and projects in the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to own and build wealth for themselves, their families, and their communities."

7:30 p.m. // Gannon University's Yehl Ballroom, 124 W. 7th St.