Gov. Shapiro touts investing in tour of Black owned businesses in West Philly

Governor Josh Shapiro

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Sherry Stone

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s “Main Streets Matter” tour took him to West Philadelphia and included favorite Black-owned businesses such as Hakim’s Bookstore and Two Locals Brewing Company.

Shapiro has proposed a $25 million investment in similar business corridors across the state. The funds would go toward lighting and improvements in walkability, to help keep small businesses going.

“I had an opportunity to visit Hakim’s Bookstore, now owned by his daughter, Miss Yvonne,” Shapiro said. “No matter what book you pick up off the shelf, you can learn about Black history and leave feeling powerful, uplifted and inspired. It was a site to celebrate history and to celebrate an even better future. It is important that we invest in businesses like this.”

On Thursday, Shapiro was flanked by Della Clark, president of the Enterprise Center, and state politicians such as State Representatives Rick Krajewski, Amen Brown, Morgan Cephas, and Senators Vince Hughes and Sharif Street.

“This is a bold, aggressive budget—a budget that cuts taxes and doesn’t raise them,” Shapiro said. “If we make every investment we want to make, we would still have an $11 million surplus.”