Black business grants help support equality in Philly region

[From left]: Beth McGinsky, Paul Garberson, Val Cadet of TEC

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IKEA South Philadelphia has designated The Enterprise Center and The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey as recipients of a $50,000 Black Business Initiative (BBI) grant funded by the IKEA U.S. Community Foundation. Each organization received a $25,000 grant, which will support Black businesses within the Philadelphia and southern New Jersey regions. The initiative is part of a $3 million national commitment to improve equality, social justice, economic empowerment and educational initiatives in Black communities.

“IKEA U.S. is making long-term, sustainable commitments to support racial equity and inclusion in our workplace and society. Through local partnerships, our ambition is to build a connection with the neighboring businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations that support economic empowerment and equity for the Black community,” said market manger Heather Spatz of IKEA South Philadelphia. “Together with our social justice partners, co-workers, customers, and communities we can work to make meaningful and measurable change.”

“we know since the pandemic, Black business owners have been disproportionately affected — particularly those in retail and hospitality sectors. It is therefore extremely important that more corporate allies join our fight and contribute monetary and social capital to level the playing field for Black business owners.” -Della Clark, President and CEO The Enterprise Center