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TEC Retail Resource Network

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TEC Retail Resource Network works with business owners on key commercial corridors, primarily in West Philadelphia, including 52nd Street, Lancaster Avenue and Baltimore Avenue.

TEC-RRN works with business associations to improve their corridors and assists emerging and mature retail businesses with technical support from accounting to visual merchandising, finance, business planning and marketing.

Interested in becoming a TEC-RRN client? Contact Iola Harper at iharper (at) theenterprisecenter (dot) com or (215) 243-4101.

Retail corridors are community hubs for public and social life, yet in low-income neighborhoods, they are often plagued by urban blight, vacant or old properties in need of maintenance or upgrades and a lack of adequate street cleaning.

TEC-RRN also develops and markets workshops on diverse topics that have included security, alternative energy and succession planning.

We collaborate with other local organizations and business entities, including

  • Drexel University’s Design School
  • The Book & The Cook
  • VIP/LawWorks
  • Deloitte
  • Philadelphia Urban Food & Fitness Alliance
  • The Merchants Fund
  • Community Design Collaborative
  • The Food Trust.

TEC-RRN is one of the primary operators of the City of Philadelphia Commerce Department’s Business Technical Assistance Program.

For more information, contact Iola Harper at iharper (at) theenterprisecenter (dot) com or (215) 243-4101.